Bad Is The Middle Name of The Week

Bad week. I’ve been facing a series of not unfortunate events, but you can say so, or sort of. Well, there’s a tonnes of assignments to do, and pretty much personal problems to care of. Rasa macam nak demam pun ada. Seriously, I’ve been thinking bout you lately. Can I forget you for a second? That feels too long. How bout a millisecond? God! You are so bothering my focus and attention.  :)
Not to mention that I flunk my grades in French. And so called “good” news, I have to take the RE-TEST ! how great is that? ! HAHA
Great news is that I can re-new my grades. Man, its going to be hard. But, I haven’t give it a try yet, so who knows what the results will come out.
Very bad news of the week is that PTPTN tak masuk lg!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH man! I am so craving for money right now ! 
Hope I will have a hell of a fine day tomorrow. J